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Request Repair Authoriza

Request  Service
If you need Service, Please do one of the following:

     •  E-Mail:  TNRelectronics@aol.com
Include the following in your E-Mail:

  • Company name and  name of person to contact
  • Your phone number
  • Unit Brand and model
  •  Brief description of failure
  •  Approximate Date of purchase
We will contact you ASAP,  and
find the best way to serve you by coming on-site or giving you an "RA" number for the unit to come in.

  •  Or:  Contact us by phone at  
(805) 794 7130

In both cases, you will be notified up-front of the most likely “Flat fee” charge or "House call fee" level applicable

You will be asked to provide payment information (all major Credit Cards accepted), or proof of purchase if the repair is covered under warranty.  

We will contact you prior to proceeding with the repair if any special situation needs to be discussed.

When you receive your “RA” number back from us,  Ship the unit, fully insured and well packed
UPS or FEDEX only  with your RA number clearly visible on the box to:
T&R Electronics

10444 White Horse Lake Drive
Box 50670

Parks, AZ 86018

(805) 794 7130

All our repairs are covered by a 30 day limited warranty.


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